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"Poets have been mysteriously quiet on the subject of cheese" - G.K. Chesterton

sweaty post run selfie hi

also i bought some new exercise toys (theyre not pasties i swear)


"Am I Wrong" also recalls a soul classic from the dawn of the 1970s: "O-o-h Child" by the Five Stairsteps. That song is one long journey up the hill toward the sun, a lullaby leading to the morning, its mood of joy established through a swelling melodic build like few others in pop. Currently back in our ears as a fun feature on the soundtrack to Guardians of the Galaxy, “O-o-h Child” was never a protest song. Yet it’s found a fascinating place in the culture, as an exhortation to keep going even in times of unrest. Director John Singleton milked it for painful irony in a key scene in Boyz n the Hood, when the child Tre watches two of his friends carted off by police for shoplifting as the song plays on his father’s car radio. Spike Lee used it too, inCrooklyn, during the funeral of the film’s family matriarch. Tupac sampled it in “Keep Ya Head Up,” his ode to inner-city survival. Janet Jackson tapped into it in “Truth,” her ballad about living past a bad romance.

It’s doubtful that “Am I Wrong” will have the deep afterlife of “O-o-h Child” — it doesn’t have that song’s captivating integrity. But like so many hits whose meanings seem to adapt to fit their moment, it’s here now, for the many different listeners who might need it. Protest takes courage and focus. Pop is all about commodification: the soft center of what adapts. But sometimes, when history collides with it, a simple song gains dimension. To paraphrase Nico & Vinz, that’s just how listeners feel.

— Ann Powers on Top 40 music in a summer of discontent

Moving is a total pain but now I get to give a ton of shit away to people cuz we’re moving into like a 400 sq ft studio!!!


why does this have 15,000 notes. what am I missing

fancy water being way more expensive?? idk


I hate when I smile at a stranger and they don’t smile back I’m doing this for you fucker


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Meanwhile, at the Little League World Series in Williamsport, PA, Mo’ne Davis — one of only two girls in the tournament — struck out eight batters in a two-hit shutout, leading Philadelphia over Nashville, 4-0.  Mo’ne, who has thrown as fast as 70mph, threw all of 70 pitches in her complete game.  Which should mean anyone who still says “You throw like a girl!” can shut the fuck up now.  (Photo: Gene Puskar / AP via the New York Daily News)

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my fav part of gotg was when peter quill told that alien girl “i honestly forgot you were even here.”

it’s like james gunn was talking directly to me, a girl in the audience who was trying to enjoy the media he clearly created for only the boys in the audience.

That and also when Drax called Gamora a whore even though he speaks completely literally the whole movie!! what!!!

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And where the fuck are all you anti-police state, pro-civilian militia libertarians and your loud mouths while there are teenage boys out getting murdered by violent pigs for daring to be black in public? While a small city of barely 21,000 is employing SWAT teams and tear gas against its rightfully pissed as hell residents?

Twiddling your thumbs, chillin on InfoWars? Yeah, fucking figured.

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there are so. many. beautiful. people 

in the undercut tag holy shit

I haven’t really gotten along with my boyfriend’s friends and I just figured out its probably because they only drink flavored vodka and fireball

Today I’m driving two hours to get fingerprinted for 5 minutes *emoji peace sign*

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