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"Poets have been mysteriously quiet on the subject of cheese" - G.K. Chesterton
maybe they mean Netflix HQ? It’s based in Las Gatos…

Hah yes that’s basically the joke. It’s just funny cuz they never say like “HQ” or anything like that, just that the place is near Netflix, Google, Apple, etc 

The listings for these SJ apartments are hilarious

"close to Netflix"

"walking distance to Google"

it always throws me for a second cuz I’m always like Netflix isn’t a PLACE

oh my god im crying

what do you mean people aren’t constantly on their phones and can’t answer my emails RIGHT NOW

kenyankai !!!!

I’m eligible for food stamps


Michael brought me flowers and hot cheetos today for no reason what a freakin cutie

gahh that’s pretty coo though. Im sure you can work it out

yeah I’m excited! I gotta brush up on my gardening skills lol

idk if u follow emma (alonethyme) but she’s from los gatos and might have some advice for finding somethin good on the cheap!

ooh thanks! I will definitely follow/message her cuz it’s always helpful to talk to people who are actually around the area!

so excited! what are you doing? San Jose is supposed to be pretty cool. im kinda jelly

I’m gonna be working at a homeless shelter with a rooftop garden, teaching kids and families how to grow and harvest food! I get paid basically nothing (lol) so the living situation is gonna be rough but I think it’ll be a cool job!

ngl I was kinda excited to move to Sac because we could save a bunch of money on living expenses (ie rent) but San Jose is gonna be a different fuckin story